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Studio apartments in Barcelona

Studio apartments in Barcelona

Our self-catering studio apartments in Barcelona are equipped for comfort while providing a cost-effective place to stay for anyone traveling alone but also great for couples. The living spaces are compact and efficient yet open and comfortable. Each Barcelona studio apartment includes a complete kitchen, private bath, and versatile living space. Some studio flats have lofts while others have clever, conversion space. Our Barcelona studio apartments are all located in the Barcelona City Centre. Each studio apartment in Barcelona meets strict standards for quality, safety, and service.

Browse our selection of studio apartments in Barcelona; view the studio’s image gallery; review the amenities unique to each studio apartment in Barcelona and checkout the comments made by recent guests. To check availability, just enter your ideal dates in the search bar. Our service team is available 24/7 to help with any questions about renting one of our studio apartments in Barcelona.

Most popular studio apartments in Barcelona

Barcelona studio apartments has a great selection of outstanding Studio apartments for you to rent in and around the historical city of Barcelona. In every apartment you will find comfortable furniture and stylish decor in well maintained and clean surroundings. Clever space saving design has been incorporated into the creation of these very appealing living spaces and they are ideal for a couple or groups of up to 4 guests visiting the city. Our Barcelona studio apartments make the perfect base for visitors who plan to spend the majority of their holiday out and about in the city and will also suit business travelers visiting Barcelona overnight to attend events.

Each of our Barcelona studio apartments provide a kitchen area for preparing meals. This can vary from a simple kitchenette for basic snacks to a fully equipped kitchen with appliances for producing full scale dinners. The sleeping area is incorporated into the main living room in each apartment. In some cases there is a sofa that converts into a bed whilst other apartments also include a separate bed which can be divided by a curtain for privacy. All of our apartments include a private bathroom fitted with a shower, sink and toilet. Occasionally our Studio apartments in Barcelona also include a bath.

You won’t be disturbed by hotel staff wanting to clean your room and you can eat breakfast or an evening meal at a time that suits you. Come and go as you please and experience the city as though you are almost living like a local. Our Studio apartments allow you to embrace a more authentic holiday experience allowing you to really get a true taste of the historical city of Barcelona.

Our extremely appealing, clean, accessible and beautifully designed Studio apartments are peppered throughout the city centre close to all the major visitor attractions and excellent public transport links. Our friendly and helpful support staff at is always on hand to assist you with your booking and answer any questions you may have.

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