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Eixample apartments

Eixample apartments in Barcelona

Central, stylish, and highly navigable, the Eixample district makes an ideal home base for your next trip to Barcelona. Here you’ll have easy access to the Ciutat Vella and the Villa de Gracia, along with a broad range of local attractions. Eixample is home to the city’s highest concentration of Catalan Modernist landmarks, including the iconic Sagrada Familia and the Hospital de Sant Pau. With its grid-like streets and ample transit connections, it’s hard to get lost in this smartly planned district. All of our Eixample apartments put you in the middle of everything, so whether you’re snapping photos on the Passeig de Gracia or living it up on Carrer d’Aribou, you’ll never be far from home. Below you’ll find our most popular Eixample apartments, and a link to all apartments in the Eixample district.

Most popular Eixample apartments

Eixample tips

From Barcelona International Airport, you’ll have the following options:

  • By R2N Train: The airport train station is located in terminal 2B. Once you’re there, look for signs that say “RENFE.” Hop on the R2N Train heading towards Sant Celóni. Embark at the Passeig de Gràcia stop for most destinations in central Eixample. R2N trains depart every 30 minutes, and the total trip time is approximately 30 minutes.
  • By Aerobus + Metro: Aerobuses offer easy connections to the city center, and leave from both airport terminals approximately every fifteen minutes. To reach Eixample, get out of the bus at Plaça de Catalunya. Here, you’ll have access to several metro lines that will take you wherever you need to go.

From Girona Airport, you’ll have the following options:

  • By Barcelona Bus + Metro: The Sagalés bus company operates an airport transfer service that coincides with many budget-airline flights. The bus goes directly to the Barcelona Nord bus station. From there, hop on Metro L4 and head to the Passeig de Gracia stop.
  • By RENFE Train: The same company providing commuter service to and from Barcelona operates between Girona and Barcelona. This is the most budget-friendly option, but in order to catch the train you’ll first have to take a bus from the airport to Girona City.

From Reus Airport, the following transit option is most convenient:

  • By Hispano Igualadina Bus: Purchase tickets inside the arrivals terminal, and the bus leaves from right outside the same terminal. After journey of approximately 1.5 hours, you’ll arrive at the Barcelona-Sants Bus Station. Here, hop on either the L11 or L5 metro lines depending on your destination in Eixample.

From Barcelona-Sants Station, you’ll have the following options:

  • Metro: Whether you arrive at Barcelona-Sants by train or bus, you’ll have access to the L11 or L5 metro lines. Both serve the Eixample district.

More information relating to routes and timetables can be found at and

Eixample Parking

Eixample offers a wide variety of parking options, including:

  • Parking Sagrada Familia,  9 Carrer de Sicília. 100m from the Sagrada Familia.
  • Parking Park, 35 Calle Bonavista.  200m from Avenida Diagonal.
  • Parking, 368 Carrer de Còrsega, 350m from the Passeig de Gracia, 200m from Avenida Diagonal
  • Parking Saba – Gracia III, 62 Passeig de Gràcia, 0m from the Passeig de Gracia, 50m from the Egyptian Museum
  • Parking Enom70, 70 Carrer Enamorats, 280m from Avenida Diagonal, 800m from the Sagrada Familia

Eixample tips for food

When you stay in one of our Eixample apartments you’ll be able to fully stock your self-catering apartment with fresh produce and quality victuals from these nearby supermarkets, markets, and grocery stores. We’ve also hand-picked a few exceptional restaurants from Eixample’s many varied options.

Eixample food stores:

  • Supermarket Barcelona, Carrer de Roger de Llúria
  • Bonpreu, Carrer de Provença, 185
  • Lidl, Gran Via Corts Catalanes, 721 and C/ Bailén 165-167
  • Carrefour Express, Carrer de la Marina 265
  • Mercadona, Carrer de la Indústria, 127

Eixample restaurant tips:

  • Caelis, Gran Via, 668. One shining Michelin star adorns this inventive restaurant, serving superb Catalan-French cuisine.
  • Norte, Diputació, 321. True to its name, Norte, proffers Basque and Galician dishes in a friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere.
  • Gelida, Diputació, 133. Great drinks and wine come standard at this cosy bar-restaurant with delicious, budget-friendly eats all day.
  • Hungaryto, Aragó, 353. This unique locale is Barcelona’s first Hungarian restaurant, serving up a variety of authentic Magyar dishes and excellent Hungarian wines.
  • Pho, Sepúlveda, 159. You’ll find a true taste of Vietnam in this slightly upscale but still affordable Eixample eatery.

Eixample tips for drinks

  • Bar Dow Jones, Carrer del Bruc, 97. You’ll love the stock-market-inspired pricing system, and this unique watering hole always hosts a young, fun crowd late into the night.
  • Bar Calders, Parlament, 25. This literature-inspired bar offers a laid-back atmosphere with outdoor seating, along with exceptional tapas.
  • The Passenger, Enric Granados, 91. Like an expertly curated dive, this low-key bar is an homage to the New-York haunts of Iggy and the Ramones.
  • Dry Martini Bar, Carrer d’Aribau, 162-166. The perfect place for a classy cocktail, this elegant bar harkens back to the heyday of drinking.

About Eixample

The famous Eixample district, or L’Eixample, is not only the largest neighbourhood in Barcelona but also one of the newest, relatively speaking. Constructed in the 19th century, its name translates as ‘extension’, which is exactly what it was designed to be for the city. Taking the strain of the city’s burgeoning population it was created with a distinct confidence and flair. Indeed it was one of the first cities in the world to choose the now common grid-like street structure we see in modern cities around the world. The designers also incorporated wide open avenues striding across the city diagonally and bold new open boulevards. It could not be more different to the narrow winding organic streets of the neighbouring El Raval and the Gothic Quarter. These wide and spacious designs were not just about aesthetics however. There was a practical purpose to them in that they provided excellent ventilation, increased sunlight and an opportunity to create green open spaces in this warm and dry climate. The district is stridently divided by the Passeig de Gracia creating two zones known locally as Esquerra and Dreta. Sadly there is no mystery in their names. They simply mean ‘Left’ and ‘Right’. Eixample is home to world-class art galleries, some of the best restaurants in the city, some fabulous shopping opportunities and most famous of all, some truly iconic 20th century architectural marvels.

Eixample Highlights

It is very important that we do not overlook the architectural influence of Barcelona and the Eixample district. By far the majority of visitors make an immediate beeline for the phenomenal works of Antoni Gaudi. Passeig de Gracia is home to La Pedrera, a uniquely designed apartment block completed in 1911. The name translates as ‘The Quarry’, a cruel nickname from the time of its unveiling that has now taken on a more affectionate tone. A little further south lies Cassa Batlló, a beautifully ornate fairytale-like structure which is particularly popular with children and anyone with a creative mind. It is a perfect example of narrative architecture depicting the battle of St George and the dragon through its exterior ceramic adornments. You can easily identify the characters in the story. Most delightful is the green tiled roof and chimney that signify the dragon’s scales and claws. Inside the winding staircase and gnarly banister perfectly signify the dragon’s back bone. Today the house is a public museum well worth exploring since Gaudi insisted on designing all the interiors and furniture of his buildings too.

All of Gaudi’s constructions have challenged people’s ideas of what might and might not be considered aesthetic, as is surely the purpose of ground breaking design. No other building in the city has pushed these boundaries more than the eternally controversial La Sagrada Familia. Also located in Eixample this is without a doubt Barcelona’s most iconic structure and has come to symbolise the city for many millions around the world. Construction work began on the building in 1882. Gaudi sadly did not live long enough to see his life’s work and life’s love completed however. He is not alone since it remains unfinished today with the latest expected completion date being 2041. Despite its incomplete state it has been added to UNESCO’s world heritage list of protected buildings. Some people adore this unforgettable structure whilst others absolutely hate it branding it an eyesore resembling a mound of melted cheese. Climb one of the towers if you dare. It is certainly not for the claustrophobic or those fearful of heights.

Eixample is also home to the delightful Joan Miro Park where you can grab some peace and quiet from the busy city under the shade of a tree and perhaps enjoy a picnic or a good book. Shopaholics will love the upmarket stores on the Passeig de Gracia including the likes of Tiffany and Gucci. For more affordable fare be sure to explore Las Arenas, a huge shopping centre constructed on the site of a former bullring. Whatever you choose to do, Eixample provides a safe, clean and friendly environment for you, your friends and family on holiday in Barcelona.

A great place to explore from one of our Eixample apartments!

Eixample must sees

  • The Sagrada Familia, a virtuosic masterpiece of Catalan Modernism designed by Antoni Gaudí.
  • Passeig de Gracia, an ambling and sometimes steep boulevard lined with iconic buildings.
  • Museum of Catalan Modernism, offering history, context, and plenty of images of the cross-media art and architecture movement.
  • Hospital de Sant Pau, the terminus of the Avenida Gaudi and another highly significant example of Catalan Modernism.
  • Fundació Suñol, a surprisingly varied modern-art collection drawn from private holdings and rearranged twice per year.

Explore these must sees AND the rest of Barcelona from one of our Eixample apartments, a perfect base for a city stay!

The Sagrada Familia