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Barri Gotic apartments

Barri Gotic apartments in Barcelona

Unmistakably the most historic part of Barcelona and an area bursting with a huge array of delights, the Barric Gotic neighbourhood exudes a charming, authentic ambiance and is the home to attractions such as the vibrant Plaza Real, the fascinating City History Museum and the stunning Barcelona Cathedral.  It is also within this fabulous neighbourhood that you will find the famous thoroughfare – La Ramblas.  Our most popular Barri Gotic apartments and a link to all apartments within the area, which are available in a range of sizes and budgets, can be found below.

Most popular Barri Gotic apartments

Barri Gotic Tips

Transportation to Barri Gotic

From Barcelona International Airport:

  • Take the 25 minute R2 train line journey to Barcelona Passeig de Gracia station – these trains depart every 30 minutes from around 5:40 am to around 11:35 pm daily.  From Passeig de Gracia, you can then take a short metro journey via line L4 to Jaume I metro station, which is situated towards the centre of the Barri Gotic area. Total travel time up to 40 minutes.

From Girona Airport:

  • From the airport, take the Barcelona Shuttle Bus to Estacio d’ Autobusos Barcelona Nord (Barcelona’s main bus terminal) – these buses have a journey time of approximately 1 hour 10 minutes and run at regular intervals throughout the day.  Once you reach the bus terminal, you can then take a short walk to the Arc de Triomf metro station where line L4 will take you to the Urquinaona metro station, which is positioned at the northern edge of the neighbourhood. Total travel time up to 1 hour 40 minutes.

From Reus Airport:

  • Take the bus to Reus train station – these buses run every 20 minutes from 05:30 am to 21:30 pm and have an approximate journey time of 20 minutes.  From the train station, take the 2 hour train journey to Barcelona Passeig de Gracia station – these trains run frequently throughout the day.  Once you reach Passeig de Gracia, you can then take a short 10 minute metro journey via line L4 to Jaume I metro station. Total travel time up to 2 hours 40 minutes.

From Barcelona Sants Train Station:

  • Take the short five minute train journey via line R2 to Passeig de Gracia train station – these trains run every 5 minutes from around 5:30 am to midnight.  From here, you can then take the 10 minute journey via metro line L4 to Jaume I metro station, which can be found close to the centre of the Barri Gotic area. Total travel time up to 20 minutes.

More information relating to routes and timetables can be found at and

Barri Gotic Parking

Nearby parking options available are:

  • Parking Saba – Catedral – Barcelona, de la Catedral – 160m from Barcelona Cathedral
  • Parking Palau Nou, Les Rambles, 88 – alongside La Ramblas
  • Parking Princesa SA, Via Laietana, 20 – 230m from Sant Jaume Square
  • Parking Union Ramblas SL, Carrer de la Unió, 7 – 240m from Plaza Real
  • Monleón, Carrer de les Magdalenes, 2 – 350m from the City History Museum

Please be sure to check Google Maps for more information about parking options and car free zones.

Barri Gotic tips for food

A collection of nearby food stores, which are listed below, ensure that you are able to source an array of produce in order to prepare a home cooked meal within one of our self-catering apartments.  Should you wish to take a break from home cooking, the area is also filled with a fine selection of restaurants, many of which are within close proximity to several of our Barri Gotic apartments and are also noted below.

Barri Gotic food stores:

  • Carrefour Market, Rambla de los Estudios
  • Veritas, Via Laietana, 28
  • Superservis, Carrer d’Avinyó, 13
  • Mapu, Carrer de les Magdalenes, 7 (Organic/health food store)
  • El Corte Inglés, Plaça de Catalunya, 14

Barri Gotic restaurant tips:

  • Lluis de les Moles, C/ De Les Moles 25 – offering delicious Mediterranean cuisine
  • The Box, Carrer D’en Gignas 30 – a South American restaurant famous for its tasty hot dogs
  • Koy Shunka, Carrer de Copons – serving a wide variety of Sushi
  • Carabassa Restaurant, Carabassa 19 – a warm and welcoming Italian restaurant
  • Rasoterra, Carrer Palau, 5 – a friendly vegetarian restaurant with several vegan dishes too

Barri Gotic tips for drinks

  • Guru Cafe & Cocktail Lounge, c/ Josep Anslem Clave 19 – one of the best cocktail bars in the area
  • Artisa, C/ Colom, 2 – a trendy café which serves coffee and cakes
  • Refresca Tea, C/ Escudellers 56 – offering a superb array of different teas
  • El Bosc De Les Fades, Museo de Cera Passatge de la Banca, 5 – a popular bar with unique décor
  • Flaherty´s Irish Pub Barcelona, Plaza Joaquim Xirau – a friendly pub which also shows live sports

Barri Gotic

The Barri Gotic, El Gotico or the Gothic Quarter, as it is alternatively known, is the oldest of all the Barcelona districts. This extremely atmospheric area has a unique authentic atmosphere of its own with its stunning medieval architecture and very different street layout from the rest of the city. You are sure to enjoy losing your way in the delightful labyrinth of narrow winding lanes and hidden plazas here. Feel free to explore at your leisure since the district is largely closed to general traffic apart from taxis and emergency vehicles. Be sure to look up when wandering in the locality as some of the city’s most interesting architecture can be found here. The sometimes shocking mix of very old alongside extremely new and modern can be surprisingly effective. Expect the unexpected here! You will find a wealth of laid back cafes, cosmopolitan bars and traditional tapas bars here. Perfectly central, the area is an ideal base for accessing the city’s other popular highlights with ease either on foot or by the excellent public transport system.

Barri Gotic Highlights

Two of the city’s most popular locations can be found in the Gothic Quarter, Plaza Real and the fabulous La Ramblas. The former is a beautiful internal city square where thousand of people gather daily to socialise with friends and enjoy some typical Catalunyan cuisine. Many visit to grab some evening refreshments before heading out to explore the local nightlife, some of which is situated within the square itself. Be sure to admire the amazing architecture here. It includes some very striking lamp-stands famously designed by the city’s favourite son, Antoni Gaudi himself. The name Plaza Real translates perfectly as Royal Square. It certainly has a regal status in the city and remains incredibly popular with both local people and visitors to the city.

La Rambla is the city’s most famous market street, a pretty tree lined walkway extending 1.2 km from the Placa de Catalunya down to the Christopher Columbus statue at the port. It is transformed daily into a maelstrom of commercial madness. At peak times you will find yourself having to fight your way to the stalls due to the sheer numbers of people. Making your way south towards the coastline you will be flanked by mimes, jugglers, buskers and other street theatricals not to mention the famously creative human statues. Look out for the unusual bird sellers with their cages of pretty songbirds, always a favourite with visitors. To avoid the busiest crowds and any professional pickpockets get there as early in the day as possible, particularly if you are travelling with small children.

The Barri Gotic is also known for its excellent nightlife possibilities. If you have enough energy after long days out exploring the city, then why not jump into your dancing shoes and trip the light fantastic into the wee small hours?

With some much to entertain, enthral and enrich your visit to Barcelona and of course so perfectly centrally located, the Gothic Quarter is ideal as a base for all your holiday adventures.

Many more must see sights and attractions can be found within Barcelona’s fabulous Barri Gotic area, making it a place which is certainly worthy of exploring from one of our Barri Gotic apartments.

Barri Gotic Must Sees

  • La Ramblas – Barcelona’s most popular thoroughfare which spans over 1.2 km and is lined with shops, cafes, bars and restaurants
  • Barcelona Cathedral – a simply stunning place of worship which boasts some exquisite architecture
  • Plaza Real – a hugely popular square which is often a bustling hive of activity
  • City History Museum – a fascinating museum which also grants access to the ancient, underground passageways of the city
  • Sant Jaume Square – the place to watch traditional Catalonian Sardana dancing

All of these must see sights and attractions are within close proximity to many of our Barri Gotic apartments and are all just waiting to be explored.

Placa Reial Off La Rambla (the Boulevard)