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Areas in Barcelona

Originally a charming fishing village, the fantastic Barceloneta area of Barcelona is today viewed as a popular neighbourhood which is filled with a superb collection of must see sights and attractions.  Boasting an excellent array of entertaining facilities, restaurants and bars, Barceloneta is also the home to one of Barcelona’s most beautiful beaches, making it the perfect place in which to enjoy a blend of both city and beach life whilst staying in one of our Barceloneta apartments.
Staying in one of our Barri Gotic apartments ensures that you are able to easily access a huge array of Barcelona’s must see sights and attractions.  Also known as the Gothic Quarter, the area boasts a wealth of fascinating history and is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city, yet it still manages to keep up with the pace of modern day life.  Brimming with truly remarkable architecture and characterised by narrow streets and charming squares, the Barri Gotic area offers something to everyone who visits.
Electing to stay in the historical Borne district is a decision you will never regret. Central, convenient yet oozing an authenticity certain to charm, this infectious quarter is simply adored by both residents and visitors alike. Home to countless cocktail lounges, tapas bars, unique boutiques and incredible cultural masterpieces, the area provides numerous reasons to stay. Choose one of our superb Borne apartments today and appreciate this mesmerising barrio in all its unadulterated glory.
Regarded as Barcelona’s pulsating heart, the ancient Ciutat Vella makes the perfect choice for visitors seeking the ultimate convenience. Encompassing four distinctive districts, each boasting a unique charm, the area is simply saturated with an array of tourist hotspots. Nestled amidst the mesmerising Gothic Quarter, the trendy Borne, the authentic Raval and the bustling Barceloneta, our exceptional Ciutat Vella apartments ensure an unforgettable Catalan adventure.
Stay in one of our Eixample apartments and you’ll learn why Barcelona’s newest and largest neighborhood is also its most welcoming. While it’s home to the must-see Sagrada Familia Basilica, along with countless other masterpieces of Catalan Modernism, Eixample encourages more than just spectatorship. You’ll find a cornucopia of world-class restaurants, vibrant night life, and a highly navigable network of elegant streets to ensure a safe, relaxing, and memorable stay in Barcelona.
El Raval is a vibrant and exciting district of Barcelona, offering all the charm of the Ciutat Vella along with plenty of contemporary amenities. You’ll find two of the city’s premiere modern-art museums located nearby, along with a wide variety of historical sites and market halls. Though once regarded as Barcelona’s “Red Light District,” today’s Raval is a welcoming destination for any visitor. Stay in one of our El Raval Apartments and you’ll have no trouble making the most of your stay in Barcelona.
A village through history this Barcelona city district still has a fantastic community vibe and is untouched by the influx of tourists that central Barcelona sees. Stay in one of our Gracia apartments and have an authentic Spanish experience as you drink at the local cafes, do a food shop at the supermarkets or browse the independent stores on Carrer Verdi or Gran de Gracia. You will also find a number of fantastic attractions such as Park Guell, Casa Vicens, Jaume Foster Library and the district’s neighbouring Sagrada Familia.
Feel the energy of Barcelona’s city centre as you walk down the most famous street in the city. Day and night time entertainment can be found as you start north at Placa Catalunya and finish south at the Columbus Monument. The 1.2 kilometre long La Rambla awaits: visit markets; browse the shops; dine at the restaurants; or go out drinking in the bars. Other finds include Liceu Theatre and Boqueria Market. Choose one of our La Rambla apartments and soak up the lively city atmosphere.
Boasting the best shopping malls in the city, together with a superb beach, the Sant Marti district provides the perfect setting for your visit to Barcelona.  Once the home to the city’s industrial factories, the neighbourhood was transformed in preparation for the 1992 Olympic Games, resulting in the cosmopolitan area that it is today.  Staying in one of our Sant Marti apartments allows you to easily explore the district’s array of must see sights and attractions and experience the fresh and vibrant atmosphere of the area.
As Barcelona’s biggest district Sants-Montjuic gives you a taste of everyday life but provides you with some of the city’s most loved attractions that are all set close to our Sants-Montjuic apartments. The district is easy to reach from the airports and the city centre thanks to Barcelona Sants railway station and Placa Espanya. The biggest tourist draw is Montjuic hill where you can see amazing attractions including Palau Nacional, the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, Poble Espanyol and the Olympic Stadium.
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